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Tom Nordland's Swish Method Video/DVD

Dedicated to Learning and Coaching “Pure” Basketball Shooting

Tom's Background
(and his unique and powerful understanding of shooting)

Tom Nordland

"I was a high school star in Minnesota in the mid-50's*, one of those Midwestern kids who spent every free moment shooting baskets in his backyard and playing at local parks. With all that shooting, I figured out how to put a basketball into a basket consistently, even under great pressure. It's not something I could coach at the time; it was simply something I could do! My high school team, Roosevelt High in Minneapolis, won two straight State Championships in those years, and when I was a senior, the offense was built around my shooting from the outside. We went 28-0 that year and I averaged 27 pts a game. A highlight was my making 19 of 20 free throws in the Championship game, a record that still stands 43 years later. After high school I attended Stanford University on a basketball scholarship and played recreational ball in Minneapolis for 15 more years until I had to retire due to knee strain in the mid-70's."

High School Shot Rediscovered!

"In 1990 at age 50, I was working at a computer company in California, and during lunch one day I decided to shoot baskets for the first time in many years. I had not played or even touched a basketball in six years. After about 5-10 minutes of warmup, I started to swish everything from everywhere within my range! A light bulb came on and I asked myself how it was possible that, 33 years after high school and after years of not playing or even shooting, I could re-capture such great shooting touch. The answers then started to come to me and developed as I practiced and researched shooting. I started volunteering to coach at local high schools, and I even started to write a book, which later became the "Swish" video seven years later in early 1997.

Since that discovery, I've perfected more and more the coaching of this Method. I've now coached at the jr. high school (middle school), high school, college and professional levels. (I feel that the age of 11-12 is the best time to start learning my Method of controlling the flight of a ball. Kids who are younger than that are usually not strong enough to think about such concepts as "minimizing variables" and "varying arch to control distance." An exception to this is in "basketball states" like Indiana, where many 9 year olds were as mature in basketball as 11 and 12 year olds in other states. I have a photo of an 8th grade team from Greenwood, Indiana. It looks like a high school team. The coach said, yeah, but some teams have players 6'6" or taller ...[in 8th grade?])

My video is selling more and more worldwide, thanks to the Internet and word-of-mouth, and I'm doing more and more clinics locally in California and around the country. My reputation as a shooting coach is growing and coaches are starting to ask me to coach them in the method."

-- Tom Nordland

*Tom is considered one of Minnesota's all-time great high school shooters.

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