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Tom Nordland's Swish Method Video/DVD

Dedicated to Learning and Coaching “Pure” Basketball Shooting

A Section for Coaches

(Please note that while this section is addressed to coaches, parents and players will find great value here, too. If you want to learn how to coach shooting, stay tuned for more ideas and suggestions.)

Focus of this Section

Although a more effective and universal method of coaching shooting is needed at all levels of the game, it's most needed at the youth level. That is where the coaches are usually unpaid volunteers working hard to do their best to train and inspire young girls and boys in the fine art of basketball. They have little time and some have little experience in coaching. It's a very challenging task to take a group of hopeful, expectant, trusting and hard-working kids and teach them the basics and mold them into an effective, enjoyable "team." yet this is where it starts. This is where the seeds for a lifelong love for the game can be planted.

Other skills are important, but shooting is critical. Without shooting and scoring, all you can hope for is to stop the other team from scoring. When you can do both, play defense and offense, they you have the makings of a winner.

I will write articles, suggestions, lesson plans, etc. with these youth coaches in mind. More experienced and higher level coaches will find the instruction equally helpful, I am sure.

You'll find the Swish Method is both simple and powerful! Once you understand the principles involved, you will discover it's the way the few great shooters in the game shoot.

The Flight of the Ball is what matters!

That's what shooting is all about ... putting the ball into the basket with great precision and consistency, under all kinds of pressure.

All the coaching of how things are supposed to be -- where to look (front of the rim, back of the rim, center of basket, a fastener), foot position and triple threat and this grip and that grip, how the off hand should be this way or that way, focus on how the arm action should start (wrist cocked a certain way, elbow in a certain position) and end (goose neck, hand in the cookie jar, etc.) -- isn't making a difference! Coaches have been doing that for the last 20-25 years and still shooting has declined.

What matters in the physical act of shooting is accuracy and distance control: how to get the shot ON LINE and the APPROPRIATE DISTANCE. What matters is an understanding of height (arch) and how it affects the landing of the ball, the softness, how it affects the size of the target to the ball, how a "shooter's bounce" is attained. Also what matters is your mental state, your level of confidence and self trust. A calm mind will allow you to perform closer and closer to your potential. Doubt and fear can interfere with you performing your best.

The Swish Method is mostly about the simple, physical things you can do that will give you flawless technique. Once you have that down, then the mental stuff will follow. You will start to trust yourself, even under great pressure. Then extraordianry performance become possible ... all the time, not just in streaks.

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