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Tom Nordland's Swish Method Video/DVD

Dedicated to Learning and Coaching “Pure” Basketball Shooting

The Swish DVD
"A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting"

90-DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEYBACK GUARANTEE! You will learn how to learn and coach shooting, or your money back!

"Swish" is available as a 56 -minute DVD, covering two kinds of shots: jump shots and free throws. These shots are where the decline in shooting proficiency in the game today is most evident. Swish is a complete package ... all you'll need (plus a ball and basket, of course) to coach yourself or others in great shooting. The principles are easy to understand. There are not a lot of rules and tips and shoulds and shouldn'ts, but rather simple "wisdom" about how to control the flight of a basketball.


The DVD is much more powerful and effective than the video, since it's more interactive. You can bounce around easily to review things. The DVD, and now also the video, have six extra minutes added at the end which show 20 players from Indiana, Chicago and California swishing shots over and over with this Method. It shows how "universal" the Method is. They're ALL doing the same simple things that make shooting so easy.

If you already have the Swish video, the DVD is only half price.

Description of the DVD

You might be asking what is different about Swish from the other shooting methods out there? How can it make a difference in your shooting and coaching?

In a few words, it focuses on how to fly a basketball consistently and accurately to a target. Less emphasis is spent on the static Fundamentals - how to stand, what to look at, how to hold the ball, how to set yourself, how to release the ball, etc. It reveals a very simple method anyone can understand and learn. Results are immediate. It works for everyone!

Swish is mostly about a simple, physical technique that leads to great control over ball flight. Tom spends some time in the DVD talking about the mental aspects of great shooting, and he devotes a whole section to free throws. With his Method, free throws are like jump shots without the jump, and vice versa, so while you're practicing one, you're practicing the other. They employ the same principles. Free throws can become a "sure thing," rather than a guessing game.

At the end of the DVD, in the Appendix, Tom covers the Fundamentals and then gives you six unique shooting exercises that will stretch your new found skills and stir your creativity. A six minute Bonus Section of shooting clips at the end shows very powerfully how simple and universal the Method is. It's most "encouraging," as one parent put it.

Coaches and parents -- learn the Method, too!

For coaches, and for parents who are helping their kids, please take the time to learn the Method yourselves, at least from a short distance. The basics are not difficult. In a short time you'll be able to start swishing shots consistently. That way you'll be better able to communicate what's needed, and you'll also be better skilled at observing what your players (or children) are doing and not doing. Best of all, you'll be able to demonstrate good shooting. It will give you much more credibility.

For parents, a challenging idea -- Ask your child to coach YOU!

Watch the DVD together with your child(ren) and then go to a court to help each other learn the method. After your child(ren) start(s) to "get" the method and shoot better and better, ask him or her to take on the challenge of coaching YOU in this new skill. The November 2001 Shooting Newsletter (see the Newsletter page) has a section that tells kids how to coach their parents (or anyone). The best coaching, we feel, is to ask awareness questions, so you don't have to know a lot. Teach your kids that lesson and you'll help them for a lifetime.

If you are pretty skilled with your strong hand, use your weak hand in order to be more coachable. When learning any skill, it boosts confidence and helps internalize that skill when teaching it to someone else.

The presentation shows exactly what to do, so it will be relatively easy. This will require a different level of attention from them and it will be great fun for everyone, even if you have to jump in every now and then to remind them what the different lessons are. It'll excite them to think they can coach Dad or Mom. Let us know what happens!


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